My name is Vincent van der Walt. I’m a technologist with a lifelong passion for learning. With over 2 decades under my belt I started my career living in a garden shed for 6 months so I could study computer programming. I’ve experienced the evolution of technology from Mainframe -> Client Server -> Internet / Web -> Cloud -> A.I / ML.

What a fantastic ride so far. With at least another 2 decades left in the tank I can’t wait to see what the future holds. What keeps me going can be described well by the 4 P’s Patience, Persistance, Perseverance and Passion.

I live in sunny ;-) Scotland with my super clan. Teaching my girls the joys of coding via Minecraft and Scratch programming is satisfying to say the least.

When I’m not tinkering with my raspberry pi, doing some online course or retrogaming, I mountain bike, fish (with or without the girls) and walk our golden retriever.

Finishing the day snuggling on the sofa with the lovely wife watching some tv series (still waiting for winter to come) is always satisfying.